BNSF Railway Co. v. Thomas Clark, 2019 WL 407097, _____ Wash. 2d ___ (2019).  The Washington Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the trial court’s granting of client’s writ of prohibition against Pierce County Medical Examiner’s improper and unauthorized issuance of an inquest subpoena. Oral argument: Michael Chait. On the brief: Michael Chait and Tom Montgomery.

McFarland v. BNSF Ry. Co., Case No. 92277-2 (2016). The Washington Supreme Court denied the plaintiff/petitioner’s Motion for Extension of Time to File Petition for Review and declined to review plaintiff/petitioner’s Petition for Review. On the brief: Kelsey Endres.

Pac. Supreme Seafoods, LLC v. HQ Sustainable Mar. Mktg., Inc., 172 Wash. 2d 1016, 262 P.3d 63 (2011). The Washington Supreme Court denied defendant/petitioners’ Petition for Review. On the brief: Tom Montgomery and Kelsey Endres.

Veit, ex rel. Nelson v. Burlington N. Santa Fe Corp., 171 Wash. 2d 88, 249 P.3d 607 (en banc 2011). The Washington Supreme Court, en banc, unanimously affirmed the Washington Court of Appeals, holding that federal law preempted plaintiff/petitioner’s excessive train speed claims in train/car collision case. Oral argument: Lyn Robbins, Robbins Travis; On the brief: Tom Montgomery, Bradley Scarp, Kelsey Endres; Paul Lawrence, Gregory Wong, K&L Gates LLP.

Krossa v. All Alaskan Seafoods, Inc., 37 P.3d 411 (Alaska 2001), rehearing denied (December 2001). The Alaska Supreme Court affirmed the Alaska Superior Court’s judgment in favor of seafood company client.  On the brief: Tom Montgomery; Gregory R. Henrickson and Daniel T. Quinn, Richmond & Quinn.